Aye Can Dae Activities Online can be accessed from the safety of your own home or safe space. Keeping up to date with the current Scottish Government guidance, ACDA will return once it is safe to do so.


Who we are

AYE CAN DAE Activities offers Wellbeing Workshops for adults with additional support needs and learning disabilities.

Our workshops focus on having fun, spending time with friends, learning new skills, increasing fitness levels, building confidence and feeling good about yourself.

Adapting to the ever changing world Covid-19, Aye Can Dae Activities is offering its programme online. Previously, we accessed community centres around Greater Glasgow, staying in the heart of the community. Now, Aye Can Dae Activities can be accessed wherever you are.

What we do

Aye Can Dae Activities has a range of affiliated, experienced, insured and professional workshop leaders.

Iain with Inclusive Music

Lesley Wallace Entertainment with Making Music

Martin from All in Fitness with InterACTIVE Exercise

Eilidh with Aye Can Dance and Exercise in Disguise (affiliated with ParaDance UK), and the rest of the programme.

Get involved in whatever way you feel comfortable: moving around the room, laughing out loud and people-watching. We encourage participation and displaying your personality.

What’s Happening

Check out our latest ACDA Online 2021 programme!

Where we are

Previously, AYE CAN DAE Activities accessed community and sports centres in Firhill, Kirkintilloch, Knightswood and Pollok.

For the foreseeable, ACDA is ONLINE and can be accessed from your own safe space. If you want more information about getting online, then get in touch below.

Your safety is important. Risk assessments are in place and reviewed.

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